Your Angels

Instance 1: A decent, middle class child bears the pressure of his parents’ expectations of getting them out of their struggling life.

Instance 2: A sweet, loving, caring wife feels the right, and need, of being loved back.

Instance 3: A very caring friend who is always there for his friends hoping the same in return.

In all the above instances, what do you see in common? Each character in those instances, is living for their loved ones, hoping that their existence, their dreams, their happiness, are realized through their heirs, or loved ones, or friends.

Nothing wrong with that right. Hell, we all do. But what if the plans don’t work out. Say, the child cannot achieve what he is expected of. The wife is cheated on. The friend is alone in his time of need. The repercussions would be devastating for the said characters.

So, is that to say that they were wrong? Absolutely not!

It could be human nature, a feature of evolution or a social dependence, or entirely something else…but they are not wrong to have those expectations. But do we get everything in life we ever hoped for? There is no single person on this planet who has everything he had ever expected to have.

The obvious solution to this problem seems to not have any expectation at all in life, right? That’s easy to say. How many of us can really live like that? With all the detachments? No. Without expectations, a normal, regular, everyday struggling person cannot live in this world.

When you order a product from Amazon, do you not expect it to work as per your requirements? Say it fails, you obviously would either return it to the seller or ask for a replacement or a refund, right? It is this simple thing which can be looked at here. When you apply this logic to your life’s events, sure, it would seem hilarious, or some may even say it’s ridiculous to think so cheaply and compare this notion to the complexities in life. But just have a flashback of your entire life. Try to remember the small negligible and the big events in your life…has it not occurred to you that when one door closes, another door opens?

In the first instance, maybe it was better that way. You see, there is a high probability considering the kind of society we live in, the child wouldn’t have followed his own dreams and his own instincts of living life due to the pressure from his family. He would have suppressed his desires, his driving forces. Now, this failure is the one which will drive him further in life because there is no way out. No one ever makes you live. Life makes you live. You make yourself live. Even though there are a lot of factors to be considered here, this will be applicable. This will drive him towards something greater, because there is no way out.

In the second instance, she can try to give a second chance to her spouse to work on the relationship, if she is willing. If it works out, then fine. But if it doesn’t, she may exit the relationship. This was all for the best. Her spouse didn’t deserve her. It’s not her mistake that it failed, right?

In the third instance, friendship is the only relationship which you have complete control over to choose. But if you are alone in the hour of your need, what kind of choice have you had? It wasn’t the best one for sure.

Life gives you a replacement, or a refund, or may even take a return for the products it has sold to you over your lifetime. You just have to see it.

Have the free will to work on your dreams. But if it doesn’t work out, have the courage to look through different perspectives. You may not realize it now, but you will some time later. You are not alone. This world is full of real time examples whose lives seem a lot different than their initial expectations. You can control your actions, but you cannot control others’… sometimes, the results of your controlled actions also do not work out the way you had expected. That’s life in itself.

You live.

Have the will.

Your will will drive you.

Your will is your angel. Your courage is your angel.

A good thing is, these two angels are always there for you! These will help you move towards greatness.

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