You have the power to bring down the big shots !

Have you ever thought why only a handful of people on this stupid earth are fucking happy and rich…while you are scraping off the bottom of your barrel, working 40-80 hours a week, still not happy? Well you are not alone mate. Every hardworking guy on this fucking planet thinks the same. Every person thinks the same before losing his shit. But have you ever thought that this crazy difference in between the standard of living of some people and you exists because of you? Well it’s about time to think about that.

That e-commerce giant from which you order every fucking thing is making billions off of us. That famous cricketer who has a total accumulated wealth of millions of dollars, whom you worship and fight in the name of by the way, does not even know you and makes millions off of you. That Hollywood, Bollywood actor who has attitude issues makes billions of units off of you because you see him or her as God. That famous video maker who makes videos of his stupid shitfucking reactions, making fun of other people is earning millions of dollars of cheques from the Tube only because you watch it.

Now think about it. Who is the one crazy asshole in the middle of all this shit off of whom others are building their empires? Who is the one wasting his time & money?

You and me pal. You and me.

This is a problem. No one is thinking about it. We complain that the rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor. Because we are following idols blindly. False idols. False models. Why, you ask? Well let’s be honest. Deep down, you hate them. Think calmly. Without any second thoughts. Do you truly believe that this is right? Do you truly believe that you are perfectly happy with this difference in the economic conditions of people, just because you think they are your rolemodels and they have achieved everything through their hardwork? Okay. Let’s consider this. Their hardwork got them where they are. So why are you still behind. Don’t give me shit that we aren’t working as hard as them. Nope. I don’t believe that. Ask a middle class mid 40 person who is busting his ass at work for the sake of his family. Ask a person who is polishing shoes by the side of a road. Ask a person who sells by moving around the town. Life is unfair. It is not rich people’s hardwork. It’s just situations. Moments. Timings. Of course they put in their hardwork. They deserve it. But why shouldn’t you?

There is difference in wealth because we idolize them. Stop purchasing from that e-commerce site and start purchasing stuff at a retail store near your home. Imagine if everyone does that then the site will be down on its knee. Stop giving shit to celebrities and they’ll learn humbleness and bring them down to earth. Stop purchasing high end luxury cars and help stop the increasing prices of stupid fucking features on a car. You have the power. You have the power to make a difference.

But there’s downside to this. The jobs of employees are put at risk who are working for these billionaires. So it is not that straight forward. The people who are at the lowest level of the corporate ladder are hit hard if we, as a public make this move. But these spoilt rich brats need to be taught a lesson. Now I am not saying that all rich people are messed up. But majority of them are. Or at least their heirs are. This is not simple straight forward decision that can be taken by the public at one go. We need to have a plan in place so that people’s lives are not put at risk.

Now the same principle can be applied to a government, mitron! You can bring down any government which is not administering a state or a nation in your desired way. Key here is what is your desired way. If your desired way is just your personal agendas then public power is not the right way to go. Any state, any nation, any people can only progress if it takes collective welfare into account neglecting personal urges. Now the question is how do we have a correct, completely legal, action that would not destruct an economy, people’s lives, but would still achieve the dream of complete social welfare…?

Cannot be answered by me alone. Requires a complete public freedom and sense of responsibility and authority to, for, & by the public.


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