Dark Demons

Okay. I know I’ve not posted for a while. I underwent some thing major in life. I have literally relied on my thougts I’ve posted in my previous articles. I’ll share my learnings, my mind hunts in coming days which I have experienced during the past month. But this post is a special one. It’s close to my heart as it depicts my life.

Life has been hard. Most of the things which have happened in life are wrong. Well, if they were right, it wouldn’t be called Life. That’s what I keep telling myself.

When I am fallen, with my dreams broken, shattered into a million pieces, the pain rises, I feel my hot throat cutting breath, then I realize I am alive.

In that moment, my hopeful soul in me gets silenced and I hear whispers from my inner dark demons ‘Hush now’, then they laugh at me and say I am worthless and do not deserve to live.

Masquerading as someone who is happy all the time, and trying to hope for things to get better, while my hopeful soul is getting burnt in this hell called Earth, trying not to give into my inner Dark demons.

And yet I will fight for my right. For my life. For my soul. For my dreams. For the things which I count on, which are beautiful till my last breath. That is my Life.

I found some interesting videos on YT.

Credit : Absolute Motivation
Credit : Absolute Motivation

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