Greetings dear reader.

With great respect and love, I welcome you to this blog.

I am Balaram. Yep, that’s right. But I am nowhere near to the character, hahaha.

Like all typical humans, I too am entangled in the loop called ‘Life-work’. I too have a brain. But a strangest thing has happened. It started ‘thinking’. It wants something more than this aforementioned loop. Though I am not privy to a purpose or passion like some of those great earthlings do, I have tried my fair share of items. Hence, I do lack those ‘valued’ possessions called ‘purpose and passion’. Now It wants to discuss and explore some weird thoughts being manufactured in there.

Now that I have established the fact that I am a pretty normal guy, here in this blog, you may stumble upon my day to day experiences which I will try to find meaning for, you may find ideas & thoughts about life, sometimes you may also see comic shots, who knows…I really don’t want to put boundary conditions on this blog.

Anyway, welcome to the world of a mind seeking freedom from everything, because freedom is eternal.